If Only

Read Job 23:1-9, 16-17.

In this reading, Job has a case of the “if onlys”. If only he could plead his case with God, he feels, then God would see things his way and right the wrong that has been done to him. If only he could “vanish into darkness” and get away from his suffering.

Most of us find ourselves saying, “If only…” from time to time. “If only I had finished my degree.” “If only I had kept my mouth shut.” “If only I had spoken up.” “If only I had more money.” If only, if only, if only.

The truth is we cannot change the past, the consequences of decisions we have made, or things that have happened to us which are not our fault at all. We can, however, choose how we live and respond to the world around us today. We can ask God to walk beside us, giving clarity and wisdom, strength and courage, peace and patience. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of today.