Kingdoms and Truth

Read John 18:33-37.

In this discourse between Pilate and Jesus, we have a contrast between earthly kingdoms and the kingdom the Jesus taught and lived. In contrast to the world’s kingdoms, in which power over others is the definition of success, Jesus’ kingdom is characterized by humility and service. This conversation reminds us that we follow a different kind of king – one who sacrificed his very life for all of humankind. He submitted himself to the powers that be as the ultimate expression of love.

It seems like submission has become a dirty word in our world today. Pride and ego seem to be a driving force in many of the interactions we either witness or are a part of. In this exchange, Jesus doesn’t exhibit any of that. He’s calm and he’s honest, despite having a very good grasp of what is at stake. What does this teach us? In the verse following our reading, Pilate asks, “What is truth?”

What do you think Jesus means when he speaks of truth? What evidence is there in your life that you “belong to the truth”?

Today, pray for a spirit of humility as you go through the day and offer thanks for the leadership and example of Jesus.