Breaking Light

Read Luke 1:68-79.

In one of the devotions last week, we thought about appreciating and being attentive to present moments. Here, Zechariah sings praise for what God has done and what God will do. Maybe reflecting on God’s work in the past and looking forward to God’s continuing work in the future is a helpful way for God’s work in the present to be revealed to us.

Today, write down a sentence of praise for something God has done in the past. Next, write down something you hope God will do in the future. Imagine a thread running between these two ideas. Can you think of something that is ongoing even now that might be a connecting point for the two?

Today, offer your own song of praise for what God has done or one of expectation for what God will do. It may be in the form of a favorite hymn, an original poem, a painting, or a quilt block. However you praise God, be creative!