Read Zephaniah 3:14-20.

In this short book, God pronounces judgment on a city that has turned to various idols, that has not heard the cry of the vulnerable, and has not practiced the justice to which it is called. God’s plan for redemption is to scatter the proud and haughty, leaving behind those who are meek and humble. Once again, the city will be a place of peace and rest. Because of this promise, hope and joy eclipse any threat of destruction.

God refers to Jerusalem as ‘daughter’ in this passage, which brings to mind a parent who is now comforting a child after having punished them. There are consequences for our actions, some beneficial and others difficult to bear, but through it all is God’s steadfast love. Even when we are sitting in the ruins we have at times created for ourselves, the hope and the promise is that things will get better. There will be joy.

In prayer, ask God to fulfill the promises you are waiting to see fulfilled and praise God for promises already fulfilled.