Arise, Shine

Read Isaiah 60:1-6.

In this, we read a calling for all of God’s people, no matter where they are, no matter their station in life, to lift their eyes from the darkness and the chaos of the world. It is a call to turn away from the fear, anxiety, bitterness, and hatred that separate us from each other. Instead, we are gathered and drawn together in worship, offering the best of ourselves as an act of praise for the One who brings light and life.

“Arise, shine” is a call to action. From what do you need to arise? Maybe it’s from a situation that feels hopeless or from the habit of judging others or from a grudge you can’t seem to let go or from self-criticism. How can rising from or rising above help you to shine the light of God into the world?

Today, pray for those who are sitting in darkness, that they may find hope as they are lifted into the light of love.