Read Isaiah 43:1-7.

The promises God makes to Israel in these passages point to the intimacy between the Creator and the created. There are those who believe if a person has enough faith, says the right words, or thinks the right thoughts, then their life will be free from difficulty. There is no such promise in these verses. Instead, we read, “when you pass through the flood or when you walk through the flames…” Trials in life are inevitable, but we don’t pass through them on our own. God, who knows us, calls us by name and loves us, comes alongside and accompanies us, redeeming the situation for at least a measure of good.

To what degree do the words in these verses bring you comfort or hope? Think of a difficult situation in your life or in the world.

In prayer, offer it to God and listen for the words, “Do not be afraid. I am with you. I love you and you are mine.”