Read Luke 3:15-17, 21-22.

The story of Jesus’ baptism is included in all four gospels, each with a little different take on what happened. Interestingly, in Luke, it’s not clear whether John was even there for Jesus’ baptism. If we read chapter 3 straight through, it seems that John is put in prison and then Jesus is baptized. Luke’s account makes it seem like this baptism is a direct interaction between God and Jesus alone. It is about God claiming Jesus as Son and Beloved. It is an identity that will shape Jesus’ ministry from that point on.

This is a story that invites us to think about what our baptism, what God’s claim on us, means in our lives. How does your identity as beloved child of God affect the way you interact with and respond to the world? What evidence of your baptism is there in the way you think, speak, and behave? What fruit is your baptism bearing?

Today, think about what it means for God to lay claim on your life and in prayer, commit yourself to living out your baptismal vows. If you’re not sure what those vows include, read them here: