Heirs with Christ

What are the expectations, responsibilities, and marks of identity in the family of God?

Read Romans 8:14-17.

In this reading, Paul suggests that the receiving of the Holy Spirit is so much more than a personal experience. Yes, the Spirit comes to remind us that we are children of God. This truth frees us from the fear of death, but also frees us from whatever it is that disrupts our relationship with God. Beyond that, though, because we are children of God, that means we’re part of a family. “Heirs with Christ.” Our identity comes from being a child of God, from being a part of God’s family.

There are certain responsibilities and expectations that come with being part of a family. In thinking about your birth family, what were the responsibilities and expectations? What sort of identity was found in being a part of that family? To what degree do the responsibilities, expectations, and family identity of your childhood inform the way you raise your children or relate to your spouse? Now ask yourself those same questions about the family of God. What are the expectations, responsibilities, marks of identity? How do these affect the way you relate and respond to the world?

Offer a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for all your siblings in Christ.