This is the Day

Every moment is a gift, and an opportunity to grow and to learn.

Read Psalm 118.

Verse 24 is a familiar one. In fact, you may have noticed I begin each worship service or sermon video by reciting this verse. What you may not know is that I begin every day with the verse too. It’s a reminder that whatever lays ahead in the day – the good and the bad, the accomplishments and failures, the life-giving moments and the exhausting ones – are a part of the day God is giving me. This helps me to receive every moment as a gift, as an opportunity to grow and to learn. Each day places people and situations before me, and if I respond with love and grace and rejoicing, then I am living out the call of this verse.

Do you have a favorite verse that makes its way into your life regularly? If so, what impact does it have on your day? If not, what helps you to get through your day? Are there practices that might have a positive effect on your attitude and your ability to be joyful and grateful throughout the day?

In prayer, commit each moment of this day to God, asking for the wisdom to see each moment as a sacred opportunity.