• Looking Back, Looking Forward
    We can call on God in present times of trouble because of what God has done in the past.
  • Impatience
    Abraham and Sarah’s story teaches us that real, lasting change often takes years and God is eternally patient with us.
  • Resistance
    Consider how and why you might implement a Lenten practice this year.
  • Once for All
    As a follower of Jesus, what attitudes and behaviors do you feel called to leave behind?
  • Vibrant Promise
    God uses the vibrant, colorful rainbow as a sign of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness to all of creation.
  • Listen!
    Which of Jesus’ teachings or commandments do you have a hard time hearing?
  • Veiled
    Even though Jesus made grace available to all people through his life, death, and resurrection, there are those who do not accept the gift.
  • Shallow Faith
    What does God desire instead of shallow words of praise?
  • Letting Go
    To what do you cling that God might be calling you to release?
  • Recharging
    How do you tend to respond to stress, burnout, or fatigue?
  • First Step: Listening
    Paul realizes that developing relationship is key in sharing his story.
  • His Eye is on the Sparrow
    How can we come alongside God in “paying attention to the little guy”?
  • On Eagles’ Wings
    Bringing order out of chaos is not something we can do on our own.
  • Cleaning House
    Jesus swept this man’s spirit clean and the news of his transformation spread like wildfire.
  • Grounded in Love
    Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “Are these words or is this action grounded in love?”
  • Fear, Wisdom, and Understanding
    Where do you seek and find the wisdom of God?
  • Who Do You Trust?
    When you hear preachers, authors, or other Christian mouthpieces, how do you decide what to believe or who to trust?
  • Come and Follow
    Think about everything the nets represent in this story.
  • Time for a Change
    In the past year, what have you seen pass away?
  • It’s Not All Up to You!
    As humans, we have a tendency to think that everything depends on us.
  • On Resistance and Redemption
    Despite Jonah’s resistance, God persisted in using him to bring a message of repentance and forgiveness.
  • Come and See
    In what ways does your life invite others to “come and see” Jesus?
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit
    Paul reminds us that the body and the soul are inextricably linked.
  • Knit Together
    God has made you wonderfully and purposefully. How will you use that gift?
  • Speak, O Lord
    Read 1 Samuel 3:1-10. Maybe because “the word of the Lord was rare in those days,” or maybe because he… Read more: Speak, O Lord
  • Inner Workings
    Jesus’ baptism involves an inner transformation that works its way out in the thoughts, words, and actions of the baptized.
  • Spirit of the Living God
    Day to day, what is your experience of the Holy Spirit?
  • Speaking Peace
    In what ways do you use your voice to bring peace?
  • God Speaks
    In the beginning, God speaks creation into being.
  • The Lord is With You
    How differently might we approach disruptions in life if we were to first hear, “The Lord is with you”?
  • Jesus, the Face of God
    Jesus, who would you have me be?
  • Blessed
    Who has helped you to see the blessings and the gifts that come out of the struggle?
  • Resting in the Lord
    What practices might help you to benefit from rest in ways beyond physical?
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
    How does humility play into your acts of faith and discipleship?
  • Rejoice Always
    Paul advises to “give thanks in all circumstances.” Note that he doesn’t say “give thanks for all circumstances.”
  • God is Our Home
    The scriptures promise that no matter where we find ourselves, God is with us. We are never alone. God is our home.
  • Anointed
    Isaiah brought good news to those who had been dealt many blows in life.
  • Unsung Forerunners
    Forerunners plant seeds and pave the way. They take tiny steps forward and often pay the greatest price.
  • How Should We Wait?
    Advent is a season of waiting.
  • Did, Does, Will Do
    God’s mercy spans time – past, present, and future.
  • Prepare the Way
    The voice cries out for the people to prepare a better, easier way for the Lord to return to them.
  • Stay Awake
    Here, Jesus warns against complacency.
  • Spiritual Gifts
    What spiritual gifts do you contribute to the community of faith?
  • The Face of Love
    Imagine God’s face turned toward you with such shining tenderness.
  • Reshaped
    In what ways would you have God reshape you?
  • When, Lord?
    Quite often, we do not even recognize the significance of those things we do or do not do to others, but Jesus reminds us that he is there in each of those decisions.
  • We Are God’s
    “He has made us and we are his.” This profound truth is so easy to forget when we become overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, or despair.
  • Good Shepherd
    In what ways do you sense the Good Shepherd gathering you in, healing, and sustaining you?
  • Being Alert and Staying Full
    I wonder if this parable is less about wise/foolish or good/bad and more about how we wait.
  • Welcome Committee
    If Jesus was coming to visit your home, our church, or our community, what parts would you show off to him?
  • Generational Investment
    Who are the people from previous generations who passed their faith down to you?
  • All of Me
    This passage is an invitation to surrender your whole self to God.
  • Burying the Gift
    In burying his talent, the third servant has embraced an attitude of scarcity and fear and in essence, has buried himself.
  • Bathed in the Light
    How can we, as individuals and as a faith community, affirm the worth and belonging of those who may feel otherwise?
  • Lord, Have Mercy
    From the depths of despair, the psalmist recognizes that there is nowhere to turn for mercy but to God.
  • Follow the Leader
    The book of Judges tells the story of the Hebrew people while they are living in Canaan and before they are appointed a series of kings.
  • Blessings
    Jesus’ teaching invites us to reconsider what is truly valuable in this life.
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words
    When have you found that your example and your words aren’t necessarily in synch?
  • God Has Made a Way
    When has God delivered you to the other side of a difficult time?
  • Bold Steps
    Facing the unknown can be very frightening, but it must begin with that first step.
  • All You Need is Love
    We express our love for God in the way we love our neighbor and we can’t love our neighbor if we do not love ourselves.
  • Gentle Accountability
    “But we were gentle among you, like a nurse tenderly caring for her own children.”
  • Timeless
    How can you best use the day you’ve been given to give glory to God?
  • Passing the Mantle
    To pass the mantle of leadership to the next generation is not an easy thing to do.
  • Trick Question
    How can we embrace and enact the kingdom ideals while respecting civic rules and expectations?
  • Set Apart
    What unique voice does our church offer in the community?
  • God, our Lord and King
    This is a psalm of praise, proclaiming God as King of Kings.
  • All or Nothing
    How can we better recognize and find satisfaction when God gives us what we need?
  • Wedding Invitation
    In this parable, Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a wedding banquet.
  • Think on These
    Instead of focusing on our differences, we should keep our minds on whatever leads to peace and unity.
  • Celebrating the Good
    To what extent are you able to rejoice for others when you see them prospering or thriving?
  • Golden Calf
    Which “idols” threaten to disrupt your devotion to God?
  • Fruitful
    How fruitfully do you use the gifts you have been given?
  • The Gift of Today
    Many times, we get so caught up in nostalgia for the past or in longing for the future that we ignore the gift of today.
  • Perfect Law
    “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.”
  • Command and Covenant
    The ten commandments gives a framework for how God’s people are to order their communal life.
  • People Pleasing
    What motivates our words and actions?
  • By Our Love
    What is the evidence of your faith in Jesus?
  • Witness
    It is the witness of others that has brought many of us to our own belief.
  • Water from a Rock
    Blaming others is such a common reaction when basic needs are not being met.
  • Fair or Unfair?
    We must remember that Jesus is talking about a different world – a different kingdom – the kingdom of God.
  • The Privilege of Suffering?
    The suffering Paul and many of his contemporaries did for Christ was real.
  • Covenant Keeping
    Every covenant throughout the biblical story has two parts: “I will be your God and you will be my people.”
  • Sabbath Dinner
    When you are resting or when you are with family and friends, how often do you consider it a time to draw you closer to God?
  • On Forgiveness
    Jesus is calling on us to show the same generous spirit of forgiveness that God has lavished upon us.
  • On Not Judging Others
    When I am judging others, it usually comes back to either my own insecurity or my failure – my failure to listen, my failure to learn, or my failure to love.
  • The Songs of Faith
    Music has an ability to connect important themes or moments to our soul.
  • The Path to Freedom
    When we are seeking freedom in our lives, we sometimes wonder why God doesn’t make it any easier.
  • Conflict Resolution
    Here, Jesus gives a step-by-step approach to resolving conflict.
  • The Time is Now
    Each day brings the opportunity to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” in the way we think, speak, and act.
  • Energetic Praise
    What keeps us from expressing our thanks and praise with abandon?
  • Bless this Home
    How has your home served as a center of hospitality, safety, healing, and rest for you, your family, and visitors?
  • Taking Up the Cross
    Sometimes we are our own worst stumbling blocks.
  • Led to Freedom
    Often, in our lives, we find ourselves on a journey that requires us to trust that God will make a way for us.
  • Burning Bush
    God breaks into the ordinary in amazing ways if we take the time to stop and notice.
  • Who is Jesus?
    Jesus asks, “Who do you say I am?”
  • We Need Each Other
    For the body of Christ to grow and thrive, we need each other’s unique experience of God and of life.
  • O God, Our Help in Ages Past
    The Hebrew people have a hope for the future with God, based on the help in the past from God.
  • Life-Changing Events
    Sometimes we have life events that drastically change the course of our lives.
  • Persistent Faith
    We never know when a disruption in life will transform us.