Blind Faith

Read Mark 10:46-52.

Bartimaeus may have been blind, but in one important way, he could see better than the people around him. He could see that Jesus was the promised messiah and had the power to heal. He could see that once he was healed, he would no longer need the cloak that had provided warmth, shade, and comfort as he sat by the side of the road. He had a vision for what his life could be if only Jesus would show him mercy.

What if he had just listened to the people who tried to shush him? Would he have just continued for the rest of his life, begging for scraps while the world passed him by? What dreams do you have or what healing are you longing for? Do you, like Bartimaeus, cry out boldly to Jesus for help or do you listen to the voices that tell you to quiet down and stay put? Do the voices that prevent you from receiving the mercy of Christ come from within or from someone else?

Today, be bold in your prayers. Ask Jesus for something big – whether it be healing of body, mind, or spirit. Maybe it’s healing of a relationship or what seems like a hopeless situation in our world. Don’t be afraid to cry out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”