Read Hebrews 9:24-28.

If you feel like this reading is very similar to the Hebrews reading from last week, you’re right. The author of Hebrews seems bent on saying the same thing a hundred different ways. Jesus, in offering himself as the perfect sacrifice for all of humankind, freed us from the power of sin and freed us for living more fully into our identity as children of God.

He made a way for reconciliation between us and God in a way that no earthly priest could do. Even when we find ourselves repeating the same sin over and over, we can turn back to God with full confidence that we’ll be given another chance to try again. But it’s only in repenting, in turning back to God and God’s ways, in committing ourselves to breaking the cycle of sin, that we can fully recognize and receive the mercy that is being offered.

Today, spend some time reflecting on sin in your life. Is there one that you seem to repeat over and over? How has repentance factored into your ability to break the cycle of that sin? What effect might confessing this sin to God and opening yourself to the cleansing mercy of Christ have on your ability to stop? Offer a prayer of confession and find assurance in the promise of forgiveness.