Places of Worship

Read Psalm 132:1-12.

This is one of the 15 psalms of ascent. Many scholars believe these would have been sung on each of the 15 steps as people made their way up to the temple in Jerusalem. In this one, the singers remember David’s mission to locate the ark of God in Jerusalem, setting it up as the sacred center for Jewish worship. The Hebrew people had always been on the move, whether by choice or by force. Unified as a nation, David sought to secure a “proper home” for God, a destination for pilgrims from many different places. This was finally accomplished through his son, Solomon.

Think of the founding mothers and fathers of our local church. Why do you think planting a church in this community was important to them? What do you think they hoped the mission of the church would be? In what ways does our church continue to honor those hopes and dreams? What are your hopes and dreams for our church in the coming years?

Today, say a prayer for our local church, that we may be guided by God’s vision for our mission in the world around us and that any decisions or ministries would be motivated by love for God and neighbor.