Be Present

Read Luke 21:25-36.

As Jesus describes his coming reign, he advises his listeners not to get too caught up in the brokenness, fear, and chaos that was and is a part of the world. Instead, we should be present to each moment, living as if this were the day that the kingdom of God would come in its fullest expression.

As he wrote about “the sacrament of the present moment,” Jean-Pierre de Coussade said this: “This discovery of divine action in everything that happens, each moment, is the most subtle wisdom possible regarding the ways of God in this life.” Rather than looking back nostalgically at the past or longingly at the future, how can we live appreciatively and attentively in the present?

If today was the last day of this life as you know it, what might you do differently, what might you let go of completely, and what part of your life would you present to God as an offering? Today, make it a point to appreciate even small moments throughout the day.