Hearing Voices

Read John 10:22-30.

In our world today, there are many voices that clamor for our attention, but we are called to listen for the Shepherd’s voice rising above all others. The voice of the Good Shepherd is a voice that liberates rather than oppresses. It’s a voice that calls out for the sheep that is lost, that has wandered, that has been left outside the fold. It does not say, “Do this, and then maybe you will be good enough to be one of my sheep.” It says, “You belong to me already. No one or nothing can snatch you out of my hand.”

What are the voices that give a different message? Do you have an inner critic that says you are not good enough, not worthy of unconditional love? How might listening to the voice of the Shepherd free you to live with assurance, joy, generosity, and gratitude?

Set aside 5 minutes today to sit in silence and listen for what the Good Shepherd might be speaking into your life.