Chorus of Praise

Read Psalm 148.

In this psalm, the entire universe – including the heavenly host – are called to praise God, the Creator of it all. Plants, animals, people, air, sea, and sky – all of it joining this universal chorus of praise. Springtime is a good time to view nature as giving praise to God. Green blades of grass are emerging and early flowers are breaking through, reminding us of renewal and persistence, even after a hard, dry winter. The trees have withstood the fierce winds and are budding with showy blossoms. The sky is a sparkling blue in the day and dazzles with stars at night.

There are times my praise feels something more like when my parents forced me to write thank you notes as a child. I mumble a prayer of thanksgiving while fixating on my fears and frustrations. What lessons can we take from nature in terms of praising God? How can we show our gratitude, even in less-than-ideal conditions? What creative offering of praise can you make?

Spend some time outdoors listening to the sounds of praise that come from God’s creation and be open to any inspiration.