• True Greatness
    True greatness comes in modeling our lives on the One who showed us what servant leadership looks like.
  • On the Sins of Others
    We all struggle with dealing gently when it comes to the wrongdoing of others.
  • Celebration of Creation
    This psalm is a celebration of God’s creativity and wisdom in ordering a universe in which all things are connected.
  • Q & A
    Sometimes the answers are not for us to know. That can be hard for us to accept when we live in a world that demands answers to everything and when we have so much information right at our fingertips.
  • On Wealth
    Jesus challenges the man to redefine his relationship with his material possessions, but he does it in love. Read Mark 10:17-31. In this passage, it’s […]
  • Confession & Grace
    To receive grace as a gift, we must first acknowledge our need for it. Read Hebrews 4:12-16. The first half of this reading reminds us […]
  • Glimpses of Light
    Even in our despair, God offers glimpses of light in the darkness. Read Psalm 22:1-15. Jesus, on the cross, echoed this psalm of despair. He […]
  • If Only
    We cannot change the past. We can, however, choose how we live and respond to the world around us today.